Hotel Chatbot: 10 Reasons Why Every Hotel Needs a Chatbot

chat bot hotels

Chatbots have proven to be very effective for businesses looking to boost direct reservations, reduce costs, and offer customers convenience. Because they are fast, operating 24/7, and can be multilingual, chatbots are like a super-powered member of staff. Our chatbot solution for hotels is equipped to handle voice-based communication in English with a high degree of precision.

chat bot hotels

Unlike a traditional customer service that would not necessarily be competent to answer customers in several languages, the online chatbot allows it. The customer can then converse in the language of his choice with the bot and find satisfaction. The use of chatbots in a hotel allows to give answers to the customers’ requests, no matter their country of origin. Also, note that a chatbot is willing to respond to customers from all over the world, including travelers.

Google Bard can now link to Gmail and other apps to help with responses

To optimize the management of hotel services, the use of chatbots has become more and more recurrent. With this tool, available 24/7, visitors will be better served and waste less time. Indeed, it is becoming increasingly clear that visitors to such an establishment generally have high expectations of customer service. In addition to the quality of the response, they also value the response time. Optimizing this service with a chatbot for thehotel industry allows to better satisfy them. For a human management, it would be difficult, if not impossible, to meet the expectations of such a large target with such different needs.

A chatbot can also help guests check in and out on the fly with their mobile device. Now welcome your guests to the new era of hotel entry, which is keyless, cardless and is re-defining the standards of guest experience. As in the case of 17 Marriott Hotels, the Marriott MobileApp is now the room key for guests enabling them to skip the front desk and check-in to gain access to their room and other hotel services. In reality, other tools can be integrated into bots depending on the type of marketing strategy you want to implement in your company to facilitate communication with your customers. As a chat conversation progresses, the AI bot will obtain various information. It can then refer back to these, presenting tailored responses to the individual instead of relying on pre-written responses to very specific questions or instructions.


That certainly holds value for hotels whether selling event space or rooms—whether serving an event planner or consumer. Keep reading to learn more about hotel chatbots and how your property can implement them. Simple but effective, this chat bot hotels will make the chatbot hotel booking more accessible to the user, which will improve their experience and perception of the service received. Velma AI-powered chatbot for hotels helps online visitors enter your direct booking funnel.

chat bot hotels