Looking Legal Aid Baltimore City? Here’s Phone Number Need

Legal aid can be a lifeline for individuals and families in need of legal assistance but unable to afford the services of a private attorney. Whether you’re facing a landlord-tenant dispute, need help with a family law matter, or require assistance in navigating the criminal justice system, legal aid organizations can provide valuable support and guidance. In Baltimore City, there are several legal aid providers dedicated to serving low-income residents and ensuring access to justice for all.

If find need legal aid Baltimore City, important right phone number hand. One of the most well-known and reputable legal aid organizations in the area is the Homeless Persons Representation Project (HPRP). HPRP provides free legal services to individuals and families who are experiencing homelessness or at risk of becoming homeless. Their dedicated team of attorneys and advocates work tirelessly to ensure that their clients have the legal support they need to secure housing, obtain public benefits, and address other civil legal issues.

Legal Aid Phone Number for Baltimore City

When seeking legal aid Baltimore City, reach Homeless Persons Representation Project calling (410) 685-6589. Their team is available to assist with a wide range of legal matters, including:

Legal Issue Services Provided
Landlord-Tenant Disputes Legal representation in eviction proceedings, assistance with housing code violations, and support for tenants facing homelessness.
Public Benefits Help with obtaining and maintaining benefits such as food stamps, Medicaid, and Social Security.
Family Law Assistance with child custody, child support, and protective orders for survivors of domestic violence.
Criminal Record Expungement Guidance on the process of clearing a criminal record to improve employment and housing prospects.

By contacting the Homeless Persons Representation Project, you can connect with knowledgeable legal professionals who are dedicated to advocating for the rights of Baltimore City residents in need. Their commitment to justice and equity makes them a valuable resource for individuals and families facing challenging legal circumstances.

It’s important note legal aid organizations like HPRP rely support community continue vital work. Whether through volunteering, donations, or advocacy, there are many ways to contribute to the effort of expanding access to justice for all Baltimore City residents.

Legal aid organizations play a crucial role in ensuring that everyone has access to the legal assistance they need, regardless of their financial circumstances. If you find yourself in need of legal aid in Baltimore City, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Homeless Persons Representation Project at (410) 685-6589. Their dedicated team is ready to help you navigate the legal system and secure the support you need to overcome legal challenges.

Baltimore City Legal Aid Phone Number Contract

This contract is entered into on this day [insert date] by and between [insert party names], hereinafter referred to as “Parties”.

Article 1. Parties The Parties to this contract are [insert party names and legal entities].
Article 2. Purpose The purpose this contract establish Legal Aid Phone Number for Baltimore City, compliance laws regulations legal practice state Maryland.
Article 3. Legal Aid Phone Number The Legal Aid Phone Number for Baltimore City, established this contract, shall [insert phone number]. This phone number shall be accessible to individuals seeking legal assistance within Baltimore City limits.
Article 4. Obligations Parties Each Party to this contract shall be responsible for ensuring that the legal aid phone number is operational and staffed with qualified legal professionals at all times. The Parties shall collaborate promote Legal Aid Phone Number for Baltimore City community.
Article 5. Termination This contract may be terminated by mutual agreement of the Parties or in the event of a material breach by either Party. In the event of termination, the Parties shall take all necessary steps to ensure a smooth transition of the legal aid phone number services.
Article 6. Governing Law This contract is governed by the laws of the state of Maryland. Disputes arising this contract resolved accordance laws Maryland.
Article 7. Signatures This contract may be executed in multiple counterparts, each of which shall be deemed an original and all of which together shall constitute one and the same instrument. The Parties have executed this contract as of the date first above written.

Baltimore City Legal Aid Phone Number: Your Top 10 Legal Questions Answered

Are you in need of legal assistance in Baltimore City? We`ve got you covered. Here are the top 10 legal questions people ask about getting legal aid in Baltimore, along with expert answers to help you understand your rights and options.

Legal Question Expert Answer
1. How do I contact Baltimore City Legal Aid? Reaching out to Baltimore City Legal Aid is easy! You can call them at (410) 951-7777 to speak with a knowledgeable professional who can guide you through your legal needs.
2. What types of cases does Baltimore City Legal Aid handle? Baltimore City Legal Aid provides assistance for a wide range of legal matters, including housing, family law, consumer rights, and more. No matter the issue, they are here to help.
3. Is Baltimore City Legal Aid free? Yes, Baltimore City Legal Aid offers free legal services to eligible individuals who cannot afford representation. They are committed to ensuring that everyone has access to justice.
4. How can I qualify for legal aid in Baltimore City? To determine if you qualify for legal aid, you will need to meet certain income and eligibility requirements. The best way to find out is to give them a call and discuss your situation.
5. Can I get help with eviction or landlord-tenant issues from Baltimore City Legal Aid? Absolutely! Baltimore City Legal Aid has a dedicated team that specializes in housing issues, including eviction defense and tenant rights. Don`t hesitate to reach out if you`re facing housing problems.
6. What if I need assistance with a family law matter? For family law matters such as divorce, custody, and child support, Baltimore City Legal Aid has experienced family law attorneys who can provide the guidance and representation you need during difficult times.
7. Can Baltimore City Legal Aid help with consumer rights issues? Yes, they can! If you`ve been a victim of consumer fraud, unfair debt collection, or other consumer rights violations, Baltimore City Legal Aid can advocate for you and help you fight back.
8. Do I need to make an appointment to speak with someone at Baltimore City Legal Aid? While appointments are recommended, Baltimore City Legal Aid also welcomes walk-ins and can accommodate urgent matters. Don`t hesitate to contact them for immediate assistance.
9. What languages does Baltimore City Legal Aid provide services in? Baltimore City Legal Aid offers services in English and Spanish, ensuring that language barriers do not prevent individuals from accessing the legal help they need.
10. Is there a way to support Baltimore City Legal Aid`s mission to provide access to justice? Absolutely! You can support Baltimore City Legal Aid`s important work by making a donation, volunteering your time, or spreading the word about the invaluable services they offer to the community.

Whether you`re facing a legal issue or simply want to learn more about your rights, Baltimore City Legal Aid is here to assist you. Don`t hesitate to reach out and take the first step towards resolving your legal concerns.